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Banana Nut Muffin

Which one of our teas pair best with a Banana Nut Muffin?

            Teas Tested:

  • Banana Jack
  • English Breakfast
  • Slimming Oolong

Muffin Mix:

  • Betty Crocker’s Banana Nut Fiber One Muffin Mix

 Banana Jack:

            We went into this test not having high hopes that a banana tea (albeit wonderful on its own) would nicely compliment a Banana Nut Muffin.  “Too much banana,” is what we were thinking.  Boy, were we wrong!  When we sampled Banana Jack after having some muffin, our initial reaction was, “Wow, this isn’t bad at all.”  In fact, it was actually quite delicious.  They blended incredibly well with each other and yet both the tea and muffin maintained their own distinct tastes.  The pairing wasn’t too sweet, as anticipated, and, in fact, the tea helped to cut the sweetness of the muffin a bit, while allowing the muffin to keep its banana-y taste.

 Recommended?  YES

 English Breakfast:

              We were confident that an English Breakfast tea would pair perfectly with the muffin, being that English Breakfast tea goes well with pretty much anything breakfast-related.  And, we were right.  As always, the strong, Black tea was a wonderful contrast to the sweetness of the muffin.  Unlike the Banana Jack, the English Breakfast complimented the muffin rather than blending with it.  We even encountered something we didn’t expect…the sweetness of the muffin actually helped to sweeten the tea!  That being said, there was no need to add milk or sweetener to the tea.  However, we wanted to make sure we did our homework and added milk nevertheless.  It definitely wasn’t horrible, but it was too creamy and overly sweet.  The taste of the distinguished tea was lost forever!

 Recommended?  YES

 Slimming Oolong Tea:

            We didn’t really have any expectations with this paring.  While Oolong teas often go well with meals, we weren’t sure how the sweetness of the muffin would compliment this full-bodied tea.  After several minutes, we came to the conclusion that the sweetness of the muffin didn’t carry into, or even compliment, the earthiness of the tea.  In fact, it seemed to make the tea even earthier.  Oolongs have such a distinct, bold flavor that that sweetness of the muffin didn’t work.  On a side note, if you are completely sugared out from the muffin, this tea definitely cut the sweetness altogether. 

 Recommended?  PROBABLY NOT

 Added Extras:

            Just to make sure we weren’t imagining the enhanced earthy flavor of the Oolong, we cleansed our palate (Lemon Sorbet works like magic) and rebrewed the Slimming Oolong tea.  Turns out that we weren’t crazy.  The Oolong by itself was delicious, just like we remembered it.  Also, it turns out that you can rebrew the same pot of Slimming Oolong  again without it loosing its flavor, color, or aroma. 

 That’s all for this trial.  Hope you learned something!  And, remember, no matter what, be in your element.


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