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Black Tea And The Benefits

Black tea is full bodied, is the darkest in color, and is the most strongly flavored of all teas. The most popular type of tea, Black tea also is the most intensely processed. Water evaporates out of the leaves, allowing them to absorb more oxygen from the air, thus giving them their distinct black color. The leaves are then dried, which gives the tea more complexity and astringency. Containing 20% less caffeine than coffee, Black tea makes a good morning tea, but, unlike coffee, won’t give you the jitters.

Health Benefits
Recent research shows that Black tea has just as many health benefits as other teas. It is significant in maintaining a proper circulatory system by stimulating the heart, keeping blood vessels soft, lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar, and lowering blood pressure, all of which help prevent heart disease and strokes. Black tea also contains antioxidants that help prevent numerous diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Drinking Black tea helps burn fat and speed up metabolism, as well.


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