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Oolong Tea And The Benefits

A direct translation for “Black Dragon,” Oolong teas (pronounced Wu-Long) are full-bodied teas with fragrant and fruity aromas. The Oolong tea leaves are processed in two different ways; some teas are rolled into long curly leaves, while some are pressed into a ball-like form. The range of processes affect levels of oxidation (varying from 10% – 70%). The more oxidized Oolongs are closer in character to Black tea, while less oxidized Oolongs are more similar to Green tea. Such delicacy makes Oolong tea among the most prized of teas and is the tea most often served in Chinese restaurants.

Health Benefits
Oolong tea is excellent with food and is often referred to as the “weight loss tea” because it helps lower the intake of fat from high-cholesterol meals. It also increases metabolism and aids in digestion. Not only does it have a reputation as a dieter’s tea, it is great for the skin and can ease eczema and psoriasis symptoms, as well. Oolong tea also helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar, as well as reduce plaque in the arteries.


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