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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas On a Budget

We have 3 fantastic Valentine Teas and great gift ideas at 3 different budgets. You can simply order the tea as is, or complete the gift with thoughtful accessories.  Each item is sold separately on our website.  www.elementtea.com

Valentine’s Package 1: 4oz of Strawberry Seduction, and a Metal Flower Coffee/Tea Maker, $42.90.

Strawberry Seduction: Ingredients: Chinese White Tea, Strawberry Pieces, Flavoring. Chinese Bai Mu Dan White tea is blended with strawberries, enhancing the natural sweetness of this full leaf and bud tea.  A true favorite!  Complete this divine gift with a Metal Flower Coffee and Tea Maker.  Your sweetheart will love you for it!

Package 2: 4oz of Lover’s Leap, and an Easy Tea Maker, $26.90.

Lover’s Leap. Ingredients: White Tea, Rose Petals, Jasmine Flowers, Cabernet Flavoring. Lover’s Leap is a delicate White tea with rose petals and jasmine flowers.  It brews a silky, smooth, pleasant cup.  Complete this gift with an Easy Tea Maker for only $19.95.  We can’t think of a better way to tell someone you love them!

Package 3: 20 Heart-Shaped, Luxury Formed Green Teas and a Personal Tea Strainer, $14.90.

Queen of Hearts. Ingredients:  Luxury Green Tea.  Show your sweetheart how much you love them with 20 heart-shaped, luxury formed green teas.  Be sure to use an infuser, when making this early season Green tea.  One heart makes 1-2 cups, depending on how strong you like your tea. This tea is beautifully wrapped in a clear cellophane bag and finished off with a red ribbon.  Each bag contains 20 hearts. Don’t forget the tea strainer!


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