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How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

For loose leaf teas, you will need an infuser, strainer, or french press.  Brewing times are listed with each tea on our website, as well as on our packaging. While many of our teas are unique and require specific brew times, each tea category has general guidelines for brew times (see below). Be sure to not over brew your tea, as it will become bitter. If you want stronger tea, do not brew longer, but simply add more tea. As a general rule, always use fresh water and, after the water reaches a boil, wait for a few moments to avoid scalding your tea leaves. For Green and White teas, wait for a minute or so before brewing your tea, as these leaves are more delicate and you will get more flavor if brewed in slightly cooler water.

Tea Type Teaspoons per cup Brew Time
Black 1 tsp 3 – 5 minutes
White 1.5 tsp 1 – 3 minutes
Green 1 tsp 2 – 3 minutes
Light Oolong 1.5 tsp 2 – 3 minutes
Dark Oolong 1 tsp 3 – 5 minutes
Rooibos 1.5 tsp 4 – 7 minutes
Herbal 1.5 tsp 3 – 7 minutes
Chai 1.5 tsp 4 – 6 minutes

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