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Why Loose Leaf Tea?

These days, the majority of people in the Western world prefer teabags simply because of the convenience.  Not to mention it’s what you generally find in the average supermarket.  But, with the rising popularity of tea and its associated health benefits, one of the most commonly asked questions we get is “why should I buy loose leaf tea?”

The reasons for this are simple; loose tea has not been modified in any way, whereas tea from teabags will often lose a lot of their original flavor and natural ingredients due to the manufacturing process.

In essence, it may seem much the same, as both loose leaf tea and bagged tea come from the exact same plant and start off in exactly the same way.  However, the process of breaking down the tea leaves to fit inside a tea bag cause a loss of essential oils.  When such oils are lost, the flavor of the tea itself is lost. Who wants to drink a semi-flavorful cup of tea?  Not me.

Also, a loose leaf tea is much more flavorful due to the fact that the water can circulate around the natural tea leaves.  Tea bags to not allow this circulation to occur, which cause a more muted and bland flavor.  But, with a loose leaf tea, the leaves have room to expand and unfurl, thus creating the richest and more flavorful cup of tea possible.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll use a tea bag from time to time.  But there is nothing like opening up that pouch of loose leaf tea and seeing real, whole, natural, raw ingredients.  The aroma is better.  The taste is better.  The experience is better.


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