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Bubble and Boil Tea – A Halloween Drink

Just in time for the sugar-filled holiday, this recipe is the perfect answer to a healthful and happy Halloween.

This reicpe comes to us from http://www.dietbites.com.

Diet Bubble & Boil Tea – a Halloween Recipe

Diet toil and diet trouble – but not with this tasty diet tea recipe that you’ll find only in the halls of Diet Bites.  This recipes wanders through our haunted holiday halls searching for dieters in need of a holiday treat.  No tricks here!

You can use most any tea to prepare our Bubble & Boil Tea recipe – such as Orange Spice Royale, which adds a nice tone to the holiday mood

To prepare Bubble & Boil Tea, don a spooky costume and grab your cauldron – your tiny one.  Don’t have one?  Then grab your skull cup.  Next, follow the instructions on the package and prepare tea.

Once tea has steeped, remove the leaves and add 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla – or your favorite extract.  This is option but will add dimension to the flavor of the tea.

Stir in just a dash of ground cinnamon mixed with Splenda.  The addition of Splenda to the tea should produce a tiny bubbling sensation.  The ground cinnamon will enhance the flavor of the tea.

To serve at large party functions, drap cobwebs  over dark colored trays and place cups on the webs.  Your guests will go ga-ga for tasty Bubble & Boil Tea – and your diet will too!


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